5 Basic OSHA Fire Tips To Maintain Workplace Safety

OSHA Fire Safety

Several jobs have a greater risk of fire, however being familiar with fire safety is essential for any occupation. Always keep these basic OSHA fire tips in mind :

  1. Get a fire plan set up for your work site, and make sure that your workers are aware of the procedure. Having a fire drill from time to time is an excellent way for workers to keep up with escape routes, meeting spots,and take these things into consideration.
  2. Stay away from the use of so-called “power strips” whenever you can. They are usually at risk of overuse which enables them to start a fire in the event that too many devices are plugged into them.
  3. Always keep cleaning chemicals as well as other work chemicals in a well-ventilated area. A lot of chemicals emit vapors which are highly flammable and can be set off with something as little as a spark from a flawed wire.
  4. Make yourself familiar with the location of the fire extinguishers all over your work site and understand how to use them.
  5. Keep in mind that grease fires simply cannot be held up by brushing them off with water. In grease fires, the oil and the fuel source is hydrophobic. Water will only splash the oil around and spread the fire further.

Workplace safety is the responsibility of every person at your job. All of us have a part to play in order to maintain the workplace safe and free from unnecessary dangers and risks. By continuing to keep these fire safety tips in mind and sharing them with others, you are restricting the idea of injuries, and possibly deaths, on the job.

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