OSHA top 10 violations for 2016 – Employers must take these issues seriously

OSHA top 10 violations for 2016

Each year, OSHA roll-outs a list of the 10 most often reported violations, which, for 2016, were put together by looking at the almost 32,000 workplace inspections performed by OSHA personnel. The OSHA top 10 violations for 2016 appears significantly similar to the list for 2015 along with the previous years. As OSHA says, “it rarely changes.”

OSHA top 10 violations for 2016 were:

  1. Fall protection
  2. Hazard communication
  3. Scaffolds
  4. Respiratory protection
  5. Lockout/tagout
  6. Powered industrial trucks
  7. Ladders
  8. Machine guarding
  9. Electrical wiring
  10. Electrical, general requirements

Although this list would possibly not appear new, it is actually a good reminder of the challenges OSHA are going to give attention to in the course of its following inspection. As previously noted, the fall protection standards for general industry were just revamped to provide for better flexibility by enabling many different fall protection measures in various conditions, so companies may want to notify themselves these particular new alternatives.

Some other violations on this particular list frequently take place out of inadequate planning, communication, and/or training. By applying as well as completing better training and also communication, companies could possibly lessen the possibility of any number of the violations on this particular list.

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OSHA 10 and 30 Training Courses

10 and 30 hour OSHA Construction Training

The OSHA Outreach Training Program provides required training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in the designated workplaces.

The two main OSHA training courses that are generally taken are the 10 hour OSHA construction training course and the 30 hour OSHA construction training course.

OSHA 10 – This course is designated towards entry level construction workers. Although OSHA does not directly require that you complete this training, many states and local jurisdictions require a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA training.

OSHA 30 – This course is designated towards individuals who have some sort of safety responsibility such as supervisors.

How do I become OSHA Certified?

Although there is no such thing as an OSHA certification, the closest thing to it is the OSHA Outreach training program which is provided by OSHA authorized training providers. After completing one of these training programs you are then issued an official Department of Labor OSHA 10-hour or OSHA 30-hour card.


Do I Need A Department of Labor OSHA Card?

If you’re a construction worker or seeking employment in the construction industry, chances are you will be required to receive an OSHA certification or OSHA card.

Certain states such as New York, Connecticut and Nevada require an OSHA card on certain projects. For example New York requires any worker employed on a public works project of $250,000 or more to receive an OSHA 10 card by completing the 10 hour OSHA course. For a full list on your individual states requirements please check out our state requirements page.


OSHA 10 or OSHA 30?

If you are an entry level construction worker then the OSHA 10 course should be sufficient for you, although the actual requirements may depend on what your employer wants. The OSHA 30 is generally recommended for managers or supervisors who may have some sort of safety responsibility. This course offers a more in-depth look into the topics covered in the OSHA 10 course but will also cover a wider range of topics.


How Do I Sign Up For An OSHA 10 Class?

You have two options when signing up for the OSHA 10 and 30 hour Courses. You can sign up entirely online by clicking here or you can call our office at 888.926.4727 to find out available dates and schedule a class.


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You have the right to a safe workplace

You have the right to a safe workplace

You have the right to a safe workplace. Law Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) was enacted to prevent death, injury or illness of workers in their workplaces. The law requires employers to provide free working conditions hazards and unsafe conditions. The law (OSHA Act) created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which sets and enforces standards that protect the safety and health at workplaces. OSHA also provides information, training and assistance to workers and employers. Workers can make a complaint to OSHA inspect their workplace if they believe their employer is not following OSHA standards or there are serious risks.

The rights of workers under the OSHA  Act

Workers have the right to working conditions without risk of serious harm. Site to ensure safe and healthful workplace, OSHA also provides workers the right to:

  • Request that OSHA conduct an inspection of the workplace.
  • To exercise your rights under the law of revenge free or discrimination.
  • Receive information and training about hazards, methods to prevent damage and OSHA standards that apply to your workplace. The training must be in a language you can understand;
  • Having access to the results of tests done to find hazards in the workplace,
  • Read the archives of injuries and work-related diseases;
  • Access to copies of your medical records;

OSHA Related Courses

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What will you learn in OSHA 30 Hour Training Course?

What will you learn in OSHA 30 Hour Training Course

OSHA 30 hour safety training course

Like many other things hooked up to OSHA, workforce as well as work place safety are the most significant aspects to be handled in today’s working surroundings. There are various OSHA safety training courses that cover anything from the 8 hour refresher training programs to the 24 hour, 40 hour, OSHA 10 hour Training Courses or 30 hour OSHA training courses.

If you are looking to get yourself OSHA accredited but don’t know just simply which safety training course to get , then maybe the OSHA 30 hour safety training course is exactly what you are looking for – that is if you decide to be frequently come across hazards at work.

Following is the things you will certainly learn with the 30 hour OSHA training courses:

  1. You will certainly learn that safety is of very significant in your work, because it will keep you away from harm’s way which enables it to allow you to adhere with the OSHA standards.
  2. You will certainly learn the best way to avoid the OSHA fines.
  3. You will be taught the necessary skills to carry out effective safety programs at work.
  4. You will become familiar with related to the OSHA standards and regulations.
  5. You will be taught how to stay safe and healthy at work, as well as the best way to increase productivity.
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OSHA 10 hours construction training course available in Spanish/Espanol

OSHA 10 hours construction training course available in Spanish/Espanol
OSHA safety training course Spanish | OSHA 10 hour Espanol

OSHA 10 hours construction course description

This OSHA 10 hours training course is available in Spanish/Espanol and design for construction workers, foremen, job supervisors, and all those involved in the construction industry. OSHA recommends Training Program and courses as an orientation in safety and health for workers covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1926. Workers must receive certification, additionally when required by OSHA standards on specific job hazards. At the successful completion of the course, participants receive an OSHA 10-hour construction Course certification card within 4-6 weeks.

OSHA 10 Hour Training for Construction Industry

Learning Outcomes:

  • State the purpose of the OSH Act and list the functions of OSHA
  • List inspection and OSHA priorities and describe the inspection process
  • Describe the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under the OSHA Act
  • Requirements for proper aisle and passageway maintenance
  • Guidelines for the identification and protection
  • To understand the importance of effective protection program output

OSHA 10 hours Construction Training Course Pre-requisite: None

Testing: All module quizzes require your rating m n 70 to move forward in the course. The final exam also requires your rating minimum of 70 to receive a certificate of COMPLETION. The final exam can be taken three times if necessary.

Run-time: Once you enroll in the OSHA 10 hours construction certification training course regardless it is in English or Spanish/Espanol, you will have 6 months to successfully complete the course. If you failed to complete the course in 6 months you will not get COMPLETION Certificate.

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How to obtain certificate in OSHA Compliance

osha 10 and 30 hour training courses

Once you finish the National Safety Council’s Certificate in OSHA Compliance, you are going to have the ability to read as well as interpret particular OSHA specifications so that you can be confident you are aware of how to stick to as well as prevent fines. You select the compliance concerns which are primary to your business and obtain comprehensive reviews of the appropriate specifications through these training courses.

Any individual accountable for OSHA compliance, like line workers, hr, safety managers, loss control managers, safety coordinators, safety team members, and entry-level as well as part-time safety enthusiasts should really take these training programs.

Focus on specifications most relevant to your business

  • Evaluate basic safety conditions and ideas to allow you to better comprehend the rules of the Industry Standards.
  • Know how to read and interpret OSHA terms, concepts as well as principles to guarantee compliance.
  • Discover what causes an OSHA inspection and also the best way to be confidently also totally prepared.
  • Evaluate your present level of compliance, recognize gaps and generate as well as put into practice an action plan to complete them.
  • Learn procedures and methods that help recognize appropriate training programs and protection specifications.
  • Take part in discussions that explain requirements in depth and answer all compliance concerns.
  • Participate in exercises developed around the standard, as well as deal with approaches to implement back at your work area.

You will earn Certificate in OSHA Compliance by:

Successfully carried out the OSHA 10-Hour Course for General Industry or perhaps for the Construction Industry and any specific 5 elective training courses from the training courses listed here over a three-year time to obtain your Certificate in OSHA Compliance.

  • Confined Spaces
  • Crane & Hoist
  • Electrical Safety
  • Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans & Fire Prevention Plans
  • Fall Protection/Walking Working Surfaces
  • Fire Protection
  • Hazard Communication
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Machine Guarding
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Recordkeeping
  • Welding, Cutting and Brazing
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How to get OSHA Forklift Certification: Forklift Training Course

forklift training course class

Security has become an important part in the work in the manufacturing industry as employers, industry and government have worked hard to lower the number of injuries and deaths that occurred. With more than 95,000 forklift accidents per year, certification training courses to handle these vehicles has become a federal requirement, requested by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health), for all who want to operate or drive a forklift, even if they do occasionally. Most of the training can be completed in a few hours, while you know where and how.

How to get Forklift Certification

  1. Contact local safety advice. In communities there are a variety of local safety councils across the United States (such as the ABLE Safety Consulting). They are responsible for coordinating and forklift safety training in the cities and surrounding areas. Like many businesses using forklifts, many classes offer safety tips on handling.
  2. Check out forklift training classes at community colleges and technical schools. The colleges generally offer vocational programs to prepare students to enter the work force after one or two years of education. Many of these jobs are in the field of manufacturing, construction or similar professions where operating a forklift are a must. Forklift training course is part and maybe you can enroll in these classes.
  3. Find the center of the National Security Council local. Several centers of this council, like the Big Omaha, get forklift training. Some local centers provide training facilities in their local employers.
  4. Sign up for training and attends classes. Classes are generally given during weekends when most workers have the time to attend. Must register and pay in advance if your employer will not cover the cost of the course. You will learn how to properly operate a forklift, how to avoid an accident and you have the experience to drive one.
  5. Get proof that you completed forklift safety certification training courses. You should receive a certificate proving that you completed the training required by OSHA. Your employer must keep a copy of this document in the event that is audited by OSHA, but it is fitting that you keep a copy for yourself in case you find another job that requires you to drive this vehicle.
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Why Workers should be OSHA 10 hour Certified?


At present, you will find about seven different states in the US which have made it mandatory for construction employees to carried out an OSHA 10 hour safety training course to be able to begin with work. This regulation was handed in September 2009 and is even now taking place solid.

In accordance with OSHA, companies in the construction sector are believed to always be accountable for giving all their employees with the required safety trainings to be able to stay away from dangerous working circumstances these people could possibly have to handle at the workplace.

OSHA 10 hour Safety Training Course Topics

The OSHA 10 hour safety training program deal with many different ideas that cover anything from the Introduction to OSHA, General Safety & Health Provisions, Electrical, Fall Protection, Hand & Power Tools, Personal Protective Equipment, Storage and Disposal, Materials Handling, etc. To be able to obtain a certification for the OSHA 10 Hour Safety Training course, all employees must first complete the quizzes as well as final assessment.

States that Requires OSHA 10 hour Certification Trainings

New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada, Rhode Island, Missouri and New Hampshire are the seven states that need to have employees to become OSHA 10 hour certified to be able to operate on public construction jobs.

OSHA 10 hour Safety Training Course Spanish | OSHA 30 hour Espanol
OSHA safety training course Spanish | OSHA 10 hour Espanol

You will need to observe that the OSHA safety trainings were all at first created to be voluntary trainings, yet, with the increasing amount of the number of work associated deaths as well as injuries, different states have made these particular trainings mandatory.

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OSHA schedules meeting on standard to prevent workplace violence

OSHA schedules meeting on standard to prevent workplace violence
8 months after the Government Accountability Office published a report regarding workplace violence geared towards personnel in health care as well as social assistance settings, OSHA declared a public meeting on that subject and released a Request for Information on whether to recommend a standard. The gathering will take place Jan. 10, 2017, in Washington, D.C., which enable it to address approaches for lowering violence in those workplaces.

The GAO statement, identified as “Additional Efforts Needed to Help Protect Healthcare Workers from Workplace Violence” and also dated March 2016, came out in April 2016. GAO evaluated 3 federal data sets and also concluded that health care personnel experience significantly greater anticipated rates of nonfatal injury from workplace violence compared to workers overall, however the full extent of the issue is unidentified. In 2013, private-sector health care employees at in-patient facilities, like hospitals, experienced workplace violence-related injuries needing days off from work at approximately rate a minimum of 5 times more than the rate for private-sector workers overall, the record said, along with the quantity of nonfatal workplace violence cases in health care facilities ranged from approximately 22,250 to 80,710 cases for 2011, with the most typical types of disclosed assaults being hitting, kicking, and also beating.

GAO suggested then that OSHA evaluate the importance of rulemaking to deal with the hazard. The OSHA RFI is seeking public comments on the extent as well as nature of workplace violence in the industry along with the effectiveness and feasibility of procedures used to prevent it. Feedback and components could be submitted electronically to www.regulations.gov (search for Docket No. OSHA – 2016-0014).

The submission due date is April 6, 2017. The public meeting is going to be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time at the U.S. Department of Labor Great Hall, 200 Constitution Ave. NW. You can signup for the conference.

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Why You Should Consider OSHA 10 Safety Training Course?

OSHA 10 - OSHA Workplace Safety Training Course

Since 1971, OSHA workplace safety training has assisted businesses give protection to employees as well as stay away from costly lawful proceedings. Now, numerous workers continuously reap the benefits of OSHA 10 courses. The OSHA 10 hour safety course helps employees recognize, prevent, and correct on-the-job dangers. Workers gain knowledge of the essential hazards, and also how to take care of their legal rights. Although they are not required in all states, the OSHA 10 hour training course is a reasonable way to promote a culture of workplace safety.

The Benefits Associated with OSHA 10 Safety Training Course

By means of OSHA 10 hour training, workers understand how to prevent electrical, chemical, as well as mechanical dangers they might not know been around. Research of the economic and then social benefits of OSHA 10 generated numerous fundamental findings:

  • Lowered workplace accidents from OSHA 10 courses will help employees, companies, as well as taxpayers save money.
  • The full benefits of an OSHA 10 program can expand far beyond economic measures.
  • OSHA 10 hour general industry safety training programs have set a new standard for essential health and safety training courses.

As a business owner or perhaps manager, you might ask yourself how helpful a 10-hour course can be. However, the OSHA 10 training course is taught by industry experts who handle a cluster of topics and also offer customized training to match your workers’ requirements. For instance, in the event you work in the electrical industry, OSHA trainers can concentrate on LOTO training and then provide hands-on training on arc flash prevention. Training program likewise helps workers become proactive in asking employers regarding safety procedures before carrying out hazardous tasks.

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